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map Cruising in Taonui 1996 - 2013


This website is an archive of the sailing adventures of Coryn and Tony Gooch on their yacht Taonui. Our first voyage was from Germany to Antarctica in 1996. Over the next 17 years Taonui logged 110,000 miles including two circumnavigations. Most of our sailing was in the high latitudes.

  In 2013 we sold Taonui to Anne and Glen Bainbridge who were looking for a yacht that could take them on adventures in the high latitudes. They renamed her Gjoa and in 2014/15 made an east to west transit of the North West Passage.

  We have lived in Victoria, British Columbia since 1987 but have not spent much time exploring the wonderful cruising grounds of the Pacific Northwest. Given the light winds of the summer, this is best done in a power boat. In 2013 we bought an eight year old Nordic Tug 32 that we have named Nordic Saga. She is the perfect boat for B.C.ís waters. †

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Taonui bird in flight

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