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Other Solo Non-Stop Circumnavigations

This page attempts to list sailors who have completed a solo non-stop circumnavigation. The list is in three parts. The first part lists voyages by unsponsored amateurs relying on their own resources and typically sailing yachts of 35 to 45 feet LOA. To date there have been 20 such voyages.

The second part lists voyages by professional sailors usually attempting to establish a new world record. Their yachts are 60 feet LOA and longer and are typically supported by large budgets and on-shore staff. The most famous voyage in recent years was the 72 day record-breaking east about circumnavigation by Ellen MacArthur in a 75 foot ultra-light trimaran.

The third part lists competitors in the Vende Globe Race that has been run every four years since 1989. These are professional sailors supported by large sponsorship budgets and a home base staff. Their boats are highly sophisticated, purpose-built racing machines. Since 2001 the Vende Globe has been restricted to Open 60 Class yachts.
The qualifications for such a voyage are those of the World Sailing Speed Record Council:
To qualify as a Circumnavigation of the World the yacht must start from and return to the same point and must cross all meridians of longitude and must also cross the Equator. The orthodromic track of the yacht must be at least 21,600 nautical miles in length. A yacht starting in the Southern Hemisphere has to round an island or other fixed point in the Northern Hemisphere that will satisfy the minimum distance requirements.

Solo means that there is only one person on board.

Non Stop means that the yacht will make no stops during the voyage, except that the yacht may be anchored or beached (to effect repairs), but any repairs must be made entirely by the crew without outside resources or materials. For more information see www.sailspeedrecords.com
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Other Solo Non-Stop Circumnavigation

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