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We use Winlink winlink.org to send and receive emails and to send the weekly reports to Victoria for posting on this website.   The system sends and receives text messages via Single Side Band (SSB) Radio to Ham Radio stations that are in turn linked to the Internet.  The system is subject to the vagaries of radio propagation and is slow compared to satellite communication, but the price is right i.e. free except for the cost of the onboard equipment. 

We use the same system to download GRIB files that display the latest weather forecast winds for any selected area of the world as computed by NOAA. We can also access NAVTEXT coastal weather forecasts.

We have an Inmarsat C system on board that can send and receive emails via satellite. A line of type costs about 25 cents US$ so we will only use it if the Winlink system is in-operative.

The HF radio is also used to listen to short-wave radio broadcasts from Radio Canada, BBC, etc.  The VHF radio has a range of, at most, 20 miles.  Itís useful for talking to passing ships, if they answer.  Usually they donít.  The EPIRB is for use as a last resort to summon help.  It transmits a coded signal up to dedicated satellites and down again to earth stations that are in contact with Search and Rescue Authorities around the world.  The message code indicates the name of the transmitting ship and its position.